We work with clients of all sizes across a range of industries

The benefits of partnering with Darcey Quigley & Co is demonstrated in the feedback from our customers, many of them leading companies in their sectors.

Construction & Facilities Management

“We like to remain impartial with stubborn payers and, being in the construction industry, we never know if a new contract is around the corner. That’s why we use Darcey Quigley.”

Oil & Gas

“Frank, honest and open service. Very easy to deal with and their experience in oil and gas is outstanding.”

Engineering & Energy

“They are a company who have proven they are clearly at the top end of the spectrum in respect of debt recovery.”

Food & Drink

“Food and drink is often very difficult as time is of the essence. By using Darcey Quigley rather than a solicitor, I found the results were quicker and the service has cut down our cost relating to litigation.”

IT & Media

“Thanks again for all of your hard and excellent work in recovering our funds. I am most impressed that our service and industry was not a mystery to you and a debt is just a debt. Refreshing.”

Beauty & Retail Wholesale

“We have a very strong media brand which we have to protect. Darcey Quigley are very aware of this and have also been very professional with our customers.”

Industrial Manufacturing & Automotive

“Darcey Quigley make sure our debtor/customer gets to payment without any fall out which is really important as our lead-to-sales cost is very heavy and we don’t always want to lose the customer if they have cash flow.”


“We deliver. Darcey Quigley always deliver.”