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Are you waiting on late commercial invoices being paid? You can claim back:

- Interest
- Compensation
- Debt recovery costs

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How to calculate late commercial payment interest

The statutory interest that you can charge a business for late payment is 8% plus the Bank of England base rate, which is currently 0.1%.

Here are the steps to calculate the interest you’re owed:

  1. Multiply the amount you’re owed by the statutory interest rate (0.081) to get the annual statutory interest.
  2. Divide the annual statutory interest by 365 to get your daily interest.
  3. Multiply the daily interest by the number of days your invoice is overdue.

How to calculate compensation and debt recovery costs

You can claim interest on each separate invoice, so if a business owes you commercial payment across multiple invoices you can claim more compensation:

  • £40.00 on each invoice under £1,000.00
  • £70.00 on each invoice under £10,000.00
  • £100.00 on each invoice £10,000.00 and over

Additional reasonable costs for debt recovery can be claimed if the costs of debt recovery are not met by the compensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can’t be easy selecting the right partner to support you with your commercial debt in the UK or further afield. As a result, we’ve prepared a selection of questions and answers to help you get a feel for who we are, how we’re different and why we’re trusted.
Yes. You are entitled to add interest, compensation and reasonable costs to your outstanding debt. (See our Late Payment Guide for further information on your options).
Maintaining a relationship with their debtors is a priority for the majority of our clients and we tailor our approach to ensure brand protection. Outsourcing allows you to remain impartial and to keep your professional relationship intact.
There is no hard and fast rule for this but industry results show that the earlier a debt is passed to recovery, the higher the success rate is likely to be. In our view, the passing of an aged debt to a recovery agent is a key element of a company’s in-house credit control department.
Outsourcing has been proven to be the most powerful solution to recovering aged debt because it removes the familiarity between client and debtor and allows you to benefit from the expertise our Credit Management Consultants have in recovering outstanding debts.
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