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Commercial Debt Recovery
Timber Industry

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For over a decade we have been collecting hundreds of millions of pounds of overdue accounts for our clients in the timber industry. Take back control and get back what you are owed.

We understand how time consuming and often difficult dealing with late payments can be. We will work with you to fully understand your case and make your life easier by taking over the debt recovery process, keeping you fully updated throughout.

A recent Successful Case From The Timber Industry

£18,000 owed from a 4 month old invoice

A client in the timber industry approached us as they had an outstanding invoice worth £18,000.
After Darcey Quigley got involved the debtor paid the outstanding debt in full within just 2 weeks.

We understand how important it is to keep a professional relationship between our client and their debtor intact so more business can be done between them in future. In this case the client and debtor are still working together.

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