• Scaffolding

    Grampian Scaffolding Limited have been using Darcey Quigley’s debt recovery services for the past 2 years, during this time we have had a 100% debt recovery success Darcey Quigley’s team are extremely professional, and we would highly recommend them for any business large or small to handle their debt recovery requirements.

  • Food & Drink

    We have used Darcey Quigley for approximately 3 years, having been recommended to them and have found their service to be second to none in terms of their efficiency and overall effectiveness in reducing our bad debt potential.

    The majority of cases passed to them are resolved without the need for litigation and therefore reducing the potential for further costs

  • Construction

    Our experience of working with Darcey Quigley since 2008 has been extremely positive, coupled with a very high collection success rate. Lynne and the team are always helpful, and will assist in any way possible to ensure the best outcome every time. Our credit control team and the team at Darcey Quigley have an excellent relationship and know we that we can always rely on them to collect.

  • Oil & Gas

    We have used Darcey Quigley for over 5 year, initially we only referred the small debts for collection, but within a very short time, as our confidence in Darcey Quigley increased , larger debts were place with them. Their recovery work has without doubt, proved beneficial in the resolution of many problem cases. They are a company who have proven they are clearly at the top end of the spectrum in respect of debt recovery”

Darcey Quigley & Co were awarded:
2015 - Independent Debt Recovery Agency of the Year – UK
2015 - Best for International Debt Recovery - UK