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Credit Control Management

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Credit Control to Darcey Quigley

Credit Control & Sales Ledger Management

Having an effective and efficient sales ledger and credit control process is critical to the success of any business. It requires stringent processes and procedures to be in place. These processes can be time consuming with most businesses struggling to keep on top of their sales ledger, resulting in a delay in payments.

Outsourcing these functions to Darcey Quigley allows you to take back control. Darcey Quigley will provide a personalised business to business credit control programme for you including: customer invoicing, telephone, email and post reminders, scheduling statements and chasing all outstanding payments and invoices.

We provide a bespoke, professional and dedicated credit control and debt recovery service. We are an extension of your credit control processes and help manage debts of all sizes and volumes. We are there from the initial call to confirm receipt of invoices through to the payment being received.

Dispelling The Myths – Your Questions Answered

This is a common misconception. As you are outsourcing your credit control there are no staff costs such as overheads, sickness or absence or training issues to deal with.

Outsourcing and improving your credit control processes will not only save you time and money on staff but you will likely increase your ROI as you are actively mitigating the risk of late payment or defaults.

In reality our credit control service is weighted towards SMEs. Larger organizations have the resources for a dedicated credit control department.

Whereas many SMEs have a designated person for their credit control, but they will also have a hundred other financial responsibilities to attend to. The result is poor credit control processes which results in late or nonpayment of commercial invoices.
Although our credit control team will be external to you, we operate under your control and tailor our approach to fit your business.

We fit your needs and your clients with bespoke processes. We communicate on a daily and weekly basis if required and you have unlimited access to reporting.
Your customer should never know. The service we offer is an extension of your existing process and department and is a seamless transition for your customers.

You will benefit from increased communication to help get your invoices paid quicket and consolidate the relationship you have with your customer.
Our service is based on the highest levels of professionalism. We are always mindful of your brand and conduct ourselves in a manner which will always protect it. We also provide your customers with a dedicated accounts line for your own business and we can answer it as you too.

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