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2 Hour Turnaround for 24k Debt!

2 Hour Turnaround for 24k Debt!

Age of invoice: 3 Months old

Principal Sum: £24,000

Time to recover: 2 Hours

In the world of business, managing finances effectively is crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow and sustaining operations. When faced with outstanding debts, it’s essential to act swiftly to secure payments and avoid potential disruptions to your business.  After chasing unpaid invoices tirelessly, often outsourcing will be the next step that businesses can take to finally get paid.

This week, a new client in the engineering industry got in contact with us and the business was dealing with a debt worth £24,000.  In this case, the power of outsourcing was the driving force behind getting paid.  The client had been chasing the debt for 3 months and then decided to enlist the expertise of our team.

With over 50 years collective experience, the team actioned the debt immediately and were able to resolve this significant commercial debt in full within a mere two-hour window.  This speaks volumes about the effectiveness of a proactive debt management strategy and having outsourcing as part of your strategy.  By addressing the issue promptly, Darcey Quigley not only ensured the recovery of the outstanding funds but also showcased the importance of efficient debt collection practices for maintaining financial stability.

Our client was delighted with the work and swift result after having so much trouble contacting the debtor weekly for months and getting no answer or resolution.

If you have outstanding invoices please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of commercial debt experts today on 01698 821 468 or schedule a call for a time that suits you.

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