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Credit Management Magazine Jan/Feb 2018 – Lynne Darcey Quigley speaks about Commercial Debt Recovery and How the Industry is Unregulated.

This month DQ featured on the most recent issue of the Credit Management Magazine. Company owner Lynne Darcey Quigley was interviewed giving her views on the commercial debt recovery industry and how it is unregulated.

We are currently undertaking the application process to be regulated by the FCA, although it is not a legal requirement unlike the consumer market. Lynne has chosen to undergo the application in order to change perceptions within the industry and for Darcey Quigley to be a reputable name within the commercial debt recovery industry.

Lynne is also working closely with the CICM to try and bring around awareness of the unregulated areas of commercial debt recovery and is trying to facilitate a change. She hopes that either the CICM or FCA to bring everything under the one umbrella and regulate the entire debt recovery marketplace and create universal compliance and standards.

Due to our industry being unregulated, choosing the correct debt recovery partner for your business is essential. Have a look at a previouis blog regarding what signs to look for when making the tough decision:

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Reasons our clients choose Darcey Quigley & Co:
– Ring fenced client account
– Company trading for over 10 years 
– Clear charging structure
– Regular case updates 
– Loyal client base/testimonials
– Up to date website and social channels
– 93% success rate
– 1 hour case action 

If you have any overdue or problematic accounts you would like to discuss, contact us today to see how we could assist you in recovering these debts. Call 01698 821468 or email [email protected]

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