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Darcey Quigley & Co – 2023 Roundup

Darcey Quigley & Co – 2023 Roundup

2023 has been a record-breaking year for us here at Darcey Quigley in more ways than one! Here’s some of our highlights from this year:

  • Recovered over £50 million in overdue commercial payments
  • Supported over 5,000 companies with their late invoices
  • Doubled our company head count
  • Fully integrated with an automated credit management platform Know-it
  • Winner of “Debt Collection Team of the Year” at the National Credit Awards 
  • 5-Star rated on Trustpilot (check out our amazing reviews!)

We’d also like to take a look back at some of the most interesting cases we dealt with this year:

Largest debt we recovered this year – We successfully recovered a 4 month old debt worth £500k!  Our recoveries team were delighted with this result as our client got paid in just 5 days after we got involved. What a result!

Furthest reach for a successful recovery – Australia! Although time difference is a barrier for our recoveries team, we worked around the clock to make sure our client got paid.

Oldest debt recovered – As debts age, the less likely the debtor will pay.  However we were instructed for debt of £35,000 which was 5 years old!  Who would’ve thought a pre pandemic debt was still recoverable?

Our client had been trying to get payment made for many years, with empty promises from their customer.  Once we stepped in, the principal sum was soon recovered including recovery fees.  This meant resolution for our client after years of turmoil as well as free debt recovery!

Funniest excuse for not paying – “I couldn’t make the payment as my dog chewed my card reader and I am waiting on a new one!”

How much did we recover in “Late Payment Interest”? In 2023 we recovered a whopping £962K in Late Payment Charges for our clients.  We always strive to recover additional costs for our clients working under the Late Payment Act.

A big thank you to our full team for all your efforts this year and to all our wonderful clients.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Lynne is the Founder and CEO of Darcey Quigley & Co.

She is passionate and determined to help businesses get overdue invoices paid quickly.

Having worked within the credit management industry for over 27 years and ran UK leading commercial debt recovery specialists Darcey Quigley & Co for over 16 years, Lynne has helped businesses recover commercial debts from every continent across the globe.

Connect with me on LinkedIn!

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