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Dig your way out of debt the right way!

Dig your way out of debt the right way!

With a recent story involving a digger hitting headline news we thought we would tell you how to successfully deal with late payers! 

Recent scenario: You are owed £600 in wages from a job at a local Travelodge Hotel.

After payment did not land in your account you decide to use us: 

  • Call us on 01698 821468
  • Chat with one of our experienced credit management consultants, where we will give you honest advice and discuss the best course of action
  • Send us your outstanding invoice or statement along with any debtor contact details
  • Your case is actioned within 1 hour – telephone recovery has begun and the relevant legal notice has been issued
  • Receive payment or full case update within 48 hours
  • Average recovery time is 16 days
  • Success!

Think you need a digger… think again! You need Darcey Quigley & Co

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