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Disputed Case

Disputed Case

Darcey Quigley Recovers £600k in disputed case

Sometimes recovering payments for goods or services can become complex, especially when there are disputes over invoices, contracts or works completed. After months of going forwards and backwards you can often find yourself in a deadlock situation. These situations are often stressful, draining and time-consuming period for any business.

Darcey Quigley & Co will conduct their own forensic examination of the case and examine all the associated documentation and correspondence as standard. We will then contact your debtor to understand the reasons behind their disputes and uncover any underlying issues. We will also ensure that any missing or outstanding documentation or items that are required to facilitate a swift resolution are identified and sent to both sides.

Our key skills

  • Expert Negotiators

  • Trained in Mediation Techniques

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Commercial Contract Disputes

Being the third party and go between, we can diffuse the situation by taking the emotion out of the case and deal with each issue from a commercial perspective. Each case is looked at objectively and we tirelessly work towards reaching a mutually agreeable resolution that works for both sides. There is no one size fits all approach. Our approach is created by having a deep understanding of the case and using our experience to help resolve long standing issues in complex cases.

Check our customer case study where we recover over £600k for our client on a highly disputed case:



If you have any accounts that are troubling you, contact us today to see how we can assist your accounts department in recovering these overdue funds to prevent any further strain on your cash flow or resources. Don’t delay as time could be the difference between you receiving payment or not. Call 01698 821 468 or email [email protected]

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