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Is your client a late payer?

Is your client a late payer?

Many people in the position of being owed money struggle to ever gain payment and are unaware of the options available to recover outstanding monies owed.

If your client is what we call a “late payer” – someone who has the money available but are waiting to be pushed over the line before making payment.

Instructing Darcey Quigley will assure payment is forthcoming within 16 days of instruction. The key to our service is the Power of Outsourcing, once you pass the debt to us the debtor will understand that their time is now up and payment must be made.

Listen to what our managing director has to say about late payers.

Are any of your clients’ late payers? Let us get your money fast. Don’t let late payers effect your cash flow. Instruct Darcey Quigley today.

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Simply send your overdue statement and debtor contact details to [email protected]. We will contact your debtor via telephone and issue the relevant letter via email and post. Expect payment within 16 days.

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