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Persistence Pays – Free Debt Recovery for Our Client

Persistence Pays – Free Debt Recovery for Our Client

Age of invoice: 5 months old

Principal Sum: £5,000

Days to recover: 9 Weeks

Persistence pays! This case is a testimony to how Darcey Quigley will stay in a case for as long as it takes to get the client paid.

In this case, the debtor was very evasive, so it took a lot of persistence from the team.  All contact was being received by the debtor but there was no response, so after discussing with our client, who was owed £5k, they agreed to proceed with having one of our Local Agents to carry out a Pre-Sue Visit.

After this visit took place, it was confirmed that the debtor was still trading but in a poor financial state and struggling to maintain his creditors commitments.

Although the prospect for successful recovery didn’t look great, we kept working on the case.  After a further 5 weeks of chasing, the debtor came to us to advise that they were now able to pay in full and within 4 days, our client received full payment including recovery costs.

This shows that persistence pays off and we will not give up on a difficult case!

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