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What Can You Do That I Can’t?

What Can You Do That I Can’t?

Making the decision to outsource your debt recovery to a 3rd party can be daunting. You may wonder what we actually do differently from your own credit control process.

Some clients say to us, “How did you get my money so quickly, I have chased them for months, sending letters and numerous phone calls a day and I still get no reply”

Our reply is – “The Power of Outsourcing”

Outsourcing your outstanding invoices to Darcey Quigley allows us to quickly and professionally recover your debts – this is how we are different:

We Issue Relevant Legal Notices, depending on your debtors location and company trading style (Sole Trader, Limited Company etc),  we send your debtor the letter through email (if available) or first class post. Stating clearly what they owe, who they owe it to and what will happen if there is no reply.

Unique Telephone Debt Recovery Strategy, once the relevant notice is sent to your debtor we begin contacting your debtor by phone, this allows us to understand any reasons for non-payment by your debtor, any queries or arrange for a negation to be made. Our fast action service proves 93% successful in all cases through 2017/18.

We Take Away the Emotion, we treat each case differently, at the forefront of our mind we aim to maintain the relationship between you and your client. We understand the value of customers and want to ensure you can work with them in the future. Many people are scared to upset their clients by outsourcing the recovery of outstanding debts, our approach is tailored to working with your debtor to gain the best possible outcome.

Team of skilled Credit Management Consultants, with over 50 years experience within the debt recovery industry they are well versed in all industries and different debt types. From recovering small sums to millions of pounds worth of overdue accounts.

Chase Not only For Your Principal Sum but All Additional Costs related to the debt, under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998 you are entitled to claim additional interest, compensation and reasonable costs. We recently conducted a client review where we successfully recovered 93% of all additional costs for one of our clients, resulting in them only paying £700 to recover over £140,000 worth of outstanding invoices.


Get in touch to speak with a member of the team and find out more about our service. If you have any overdue or problematic accounts you would like to discuss,  we would be more than happy to chat about these and give you a free no obligation quote. 

Telephone: 01698 821468
Email: [email protected] 
Web: and chat with us on live chat.

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