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Do you work in the freight transport industry?

Do you work in the freight transport industry?

Debt Recovery Specialists in the Freight Transport Industry.

Over our past 11 years in business we have recovered hundreds of millions of pounds for some of the largest freight transport companies in the country.

With late payment becoming a huge talking point in UK Industry it is important to have a great debt recovery partner in place for those clients that are refusing payment and extending their credit terms. It was found 27 per cent of invoices are paid late in the UK, effecting cash flow for many companies, in particular SMEs.

“We deliver. Darcey Quigley always deliver.” – Transport Client

Are late payments affecting your business?

We understand the strain that late payments can cause to your business. Awaiting payment can cause severe cash flow issues, meaning you are unable to invest money into growing and expanding your business.

Many businesses also write off their debts, after exhausting all credit control procedures they accept the fact that they have lost their money.

This doesn’t have to be the case for you. We are specialists in the Transport Industry and understand how to successfully recover overdue commercial debts for major brands across this sector and have been doing so for many years.

If you have any accounts that are troubling you, contact us today to see how we can assist your accounts department in recovering these overdue funds to prevent any further strain on your cash flow or resources. Don’t delay as time could be the difference between you receiving payment or not.

We will discuss your customers account with you and suggest the next steps. If you decide to instruct us to recover your account, we will action it within 1 hour of receipt giving us a good idea of the debtor situation and give you a full update within 48 hours. And the great news is that it won’t cost you anything until we recover the funds, as we only charge a fee upon successful recovery.

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