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Electrical Machinery Manufacturing

Electrical Machinery Manufacturing

Debt Recovery For Electrical Machinery Manufacturing


The Electrical Machinery Manufacturing industry is refuted to be worth £7bn and has been growing at a rate of 2.5% in the last 4 years. With many large businesses ceasing to trade and late payment becoming a huge issue it is crucial that your business has a robust credit control process in place and know where to turn whenever internal processes of recovery are exhausted.

We have recovered over £12 million within the Electrical Machinery Manufacturing  Marketplace within the last 3 years for some of the UK’s leading companies.

On average the time taken to for us to recover debts in this industry is 18 days. A much faster turnaround than using the legal system or claiming on credit insurance, which can be very costly also.

When chasing debts on behalf of our clients we add additional costs, including interest, compensation and reasonable costs (our fee). Our fee being recovered in 92% of electrical manufacturing related debts, ultimately giving our clients free debt recovery.

What makes our service different to other debt recovery companies?

– 93% success rate
– All debts actioned within 1 hour 
– Average turnaround is 16 days
– Case updates within 48 hours
– Dedicated credit management consultant
– Wide range of industry knowledge
– Dealing with SME’s to large multinationals

If you are having issues with clients not paying you – contact us today for free advice regarding your debt. 

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